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Open another door

I am an acupuncturist with about 20yrs clinic experiences.  I am here to share some of my experiences in treating Tourettes and Tics:  Few years ago, I treated one man with Tics, he was riding a horse with his wife along the coast in Italy on their vacation. Suddenly his wife fell from the horse and in coma, he was very scared, but luckily he had someone help him, and they sent his wife to the nearby hospital and she was back without any bad injury. But after that the man can’t help shaking his head. He had done all kinds of exams and shown nothing wrong. Then his Neurologist gave him some anti-depression medicine and told him that he might have to live with it for the rest of his life.  When I first saw him, he was shaking his head from time to time. I checked him and based on Chinese Medicine theory, I gave him Acupuncture treatment and herbs. And also he received massage treatment too. After 4 times of treatment, his head shaking stopped. 2 years later, he came for his knee pain, and he said: “Remember me? I was shaking my head like this and acupuncture and massage stopped it. That treatment really opened my eyes! “ 2 years ago, I found my neighbor’s 7 yrs old son bending his neck toward his left shoulder frequently while he was walking. His mom told me that he was diagnosed as Tourettes Syndromes, he did not take any medicine and the doctor said that he will getting better when he grown up. I wanted to help him and also want to test my new idea of treating such kind of problems. I did acupressure treatment on him once a week. And after 1 month or two, he was getting better and the symptoms almost gone. 3 months ago, I called his mom and check how he was doing, his mom said the bending neck symptoms is not existed anymore. At the beginning of last year, I went back China with my family for family reunion. I noticed that my niece, a 8 yrs old girl, open her mouth widely from time to time. I asked her mom, my sister-in-law if she noticed that? She said: “Yes, what a bad habit! “ I think this is one kind of Tourettes, and I carefully think over and over, and finally figue out that is because two meridians junction has problems. Based on my theory, I made an acupressure treatment plan. My sister-in- law follows my instruction apply the treatment on her daughter. And it works! In September, I had a chance to attend a meeting about Autism. I realized that there are so many children and family  suffered from these diseases. From the information I got from there, I feel like that Chinese Medicine can be a solution. But I really don’t have any chance to get an Autism patient. So I put it aside.  But  later I thought about the Tourettes  cases I have treated, then I realized that I may find the door of treating Tourettes. I posted a note that I wish I could help more Tourettes patients in the Chinese Sina Weibo (like facebook). Then people started to ask my help. Since then I done treated 6 cases: 3 cases of blinking eyes,7yrs boy,2yrs boy and 10yrs boy.  Symptoms stopped within 1 month; 1 cases of open mouth, symptoms stopped in one month; 1 case of twisting neck and throwing hand, symptom stopped in one month; 1 case of mouth lifting to one side of face and turning head, 8yrs boy, symptoms stopped in one month. Those cases I followed up in December, the symptoms did not come back once they are gone. Currently I am treating 1 case of blinking eyes, 1 case of facial grimacing, 1 adult with turning neck and shaking body. I know that Tourettes has many different symptoms. The treatment will be difference for each symptom. But at least for those successful cases I have had the fixed solutions. I want to tell people that Tourettes and Tics are not untreatable disease. Chinese Meridian Theory can explain why they happen those way and fix them.  I think I have found this door and I am going to continue working on it. One more thing: One patient asked me whether the Tourettes Symdrom a kind of genetic disease? I am not an expert, but I wonder if just my acupressure can make the symptoms gone and never coming back, can that be a genetic problem? I don’t think so.

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