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Wen's Acupunctre offers a natural and holistic approach to medicine, that promotes healing and wellness through healthy alternatives to traditional medicine. Wen's Acupunctre strongly feels it is our responsibility as healthcare practitioners to encourage and to educate our patients to take care of their own health. Let the healing process begin with Wen's Acupunctre.


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I had had eczema ever since I was born. My 11 years of my life had been filled with suffering. My skin was white and flakey. Red blemishes were everywhere on my skin. I dreaded anything containing liquid, showers, pools, lakes; contact with any liquid caused a stinging burn. However: without water my skin flaked as if I were shedding. Spring brought my allergies to awaken, causing dreaded itches itchier than before and swollen faces. After all, I have many allergies. I am even allergic to sunscreen. Summer’s heat made itching worse and my sweat acted like water, stinging horrifically whenever it came out of its pores. Fall revived my allergies once again. The dry air of winter caused my skin to flake. As a child my parents took me to many hospitals but all their treatments contained unhealthy chemicals like steroids, or they worked for the first day and then stopped. My parents said I had a very severe case of eczema. We tried various creams, lotions, herbal treatments, and other things. Many of them were horrible like a sweating elixir that I had to drink that made me sweat violently. I’m not sure if any other kid my age has ever gone through an experience like this. One of my friends who had eczema naturally grew out of it, leaving me to wander alone. Finally, we discovered acupuncture. My mom told me about it when I was about 4 but I was too scared. Finally, seven years later I tried it, out of options. After six needles, one massage, and one week, my itching and flaking decreased dramatically! My arms had lost all the redness, flaking, and scabs. After one month people stopped staring and I was considered normal. I have never experienced an intense itching ever since! I have been freed from my burden. It was as if one acupuncture needle was a key, opening the lock inside my body making my brain wake up and realize what was wrong. Many other friends of mine who had eczema all asked what I did to get rid of it. Now, my eczema has completely subsided and I can finally enjoy living a normal life. ---Kevin

For several years, I suffered from persistent migraines. I experienced nausea,sensitivity to light and it affected my abilities to function. My attacks typically last for hours a day and returned frequently. There were times my migraine was so bad, I had to stay home from work because I could not focus and function. I had seen many doctors and tried various treatments including chiropractic, medication and dieting. In late 2010, a friend spoke highly of Wendy Tian, for acupuncture. After months of treatments, my migraine was under control and I was able to function. During my treatments, I have confidence in her abilities to provide the best course to alleviate my symptoms. Dr. Tian takes great pride in her work. I am very pleased with Dr. Tian and her treatment plan for my problems. ---Mrs. A. Wong


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